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kaleidoscope ritual candles

natural beeswax candles rolled in a fragrant blend of herbs, florals, and crushed kaleidoscope crystal. designed to cultivate divine inspiration and thoughts. as your candles burn, enjoy the aroma of blue lotus, calendula, rose, thyme, rosemary, cinnamon, and chili.

ritual prompt:

in Greek, "kaleidoscope mind" means an observer of beautiful forms.  consider the way a kaleidoscope moves, reflects light, and takes different forms; never stagnant and constantly inviting a new perspective. a simple collection of shapes and colours moving together in perpetual change and growth, each more beautiful than the last. a reminder of the beauty in a state of mind that is agile, constantly learning and unlearning.


height: 5"


set of 7 includes one of each colour

set of 14 includes 2x of each colour


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