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Pamela Scharback local London Ontario artist and painter. Sitting outdoors on the edge of her garden in Old East Village holding a cup of coffee. Pamela specializes in floral, portrait, landscape, mural and chalkboard painting.

meet Pamela

circa 2015 East Vancouver, BC

this is really where The Great Cosmic Trust began when I look back. I was creating a series of paintings that were about the making of things. on a human level, like how humans make lace, decorate tiles, sculptures, materials, and dwellings, but also throughout the animal kingdom. bees make hives, silkworms make silk, spiders build webs, oysters make pearls.

I was interested in the desire connected to making things. it was obvious we design our external circumstances so also do we design our internal worlds as well? do animals only do this for function? do animals make art? is this a simple formula? I had many questions.

I lived in Cannery Row lofts, a hive of many different people who connected to be each other's family at times; to garden, to hold events, to host meals, to yard sale. I felt so connected to that group, to life, to the hive. 

the (re)beginnings of manifestation

YVR to YXU to Bohobazaar



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