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heirloom is intended to be used as an expression of the community. lay this board out or pass it around to bless a union, a new venture, a milestone, or a family art project. allow your loved ones to put their written blessings to fill the spaces between you, the sweetness of life comes from our connection to others in our worlds.

heirloom can also be used a personal call to community. an ongoing art project that holds your vows, new hopes, and wishes, or perhaps your sorrows and your journey of healing as you cultivate a sense of belonging for yourself. 

"to make a prairie it takes a clover and one bee, one clover, and a bee. And revery. The revery alone will do, if bees are few.”
~ Emily Dickinson


universal kit contents

✦ botanicals
✦ assorted crystal chips + pieces
✦ 3 beeswax candles
✦ slips of paper

ritual kit contents

✦ universal kit contents +
✦ 2 black ritual candles
✦ larger crystals


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a guide to the great cosmic trust