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hex apathy

this kr・aft is meant to be a tool to hex apathy; a call to action. a therapeutic or ritual art projekt offering you a physical conduit in a creative process, as a reminder of your goals, and as a record of your progress. 

this kr・aft offers 12 identical hexes, 2 recesses, and 1 portal. each of the hexes can represent a month of the year, a step in recovery, or a goal and can be marked as you make progress in your healing. the recesses and portal are intended to hold any object that represents what is important on your journey (written words, botanicals, crystals, essential oils, clay); sealed with wax.


universal kit contents

✦ botanicals
✦ assorted crystal chips + pieces
✦ 3 beeswax candles
✦ slips of paper

ritual kit contents

✦ universal kit contents +
✦ 2 black ritual candles
✦ larger crystals


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