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mini tarot card set {major arcana}

this mini wooden tarot card set includes one of each of the 22 major arcana cards (Rider Waite version). the cards are lovingly packaged in a black box with dried botanicals and beautiful dried stuffing.

major arcana tarot card meanings

the fool

innocence, new beginnings, free spirit

the magician

willpower, desire, creation, manifestation

the high priestess

intuitive, unconscious, inner voice

the empress

motherhood, fertility, nature

the emporer

authority, structure, control, fatherhood

the hierophant

tradition, conformity, morality, ethics

the lovers

partnerships, duality, union

the chariot

direction, control, willpower


inner strength, bravery, compassion, focus

the hermit

contemplation, search for truth, inner guidance

wheel of fortune

change, cycles, inevitable fate


cause and effect, clarity, truth

the hanged man

sacrifice, release, martyrdom


end of cycle, beginnings, change, metamorphosis


middle path, patience, finding meaning

the devil

addiction, materialism, playfulness

the tower

sudden upheaval, broken pride, disaster

the star

hope, faith, rejuvenation

the moon

unconscious, illusions, intuition

the sun

joy, success, celebration, positivity


reflection, reckoning, awakening

the world

fulfillment, harmony, completion