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solar return

every year, the sun returns to the exact position and degree it was on the day you were born. in astrology, this is what's called your solar return ~ also known as your birthday! 

» guidelines for how to use your solar return kr・aft: 

  • make a birthday wishlist to give some direction to the universe during this powerful time
  • reflect on the year past and the year coming
  • set goals for healing, growth, unlimited belief, deepening love for yourself etc.
  • write down anything you want to surrender and burn your words to release; consider sealing the ashes into a portal or star
  • include anything that is meaningful for you as you set your intentions for your next solar cycle: written words, botanicals, crystals, essential oils, clay, and seal them with wax
  • there are no rules, let your intuition guide you on your journey


universal kit contents

✦ botanicals
✦ assorted crystal chips + pieces
✦ 3 beeswax candles
✦ slips of paper

ritual kit contents

✦ universal kit contents +
✦ 2 black ritual candles
✦ larger crystals


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