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wish kr・aft

it is in the wish that we begin to co-create with the universe

  • a vessel for your wishes
  • a lucky charm
  • a way to magnify your luck

much like the tradition of breaking a wishbone or wishing on a star, this kr・aft invites unlimited belief, bringing clarity to what you truly want. what would you wish for if it was sure to come true?

"what you seek it also seeking you"

~ Rumi

*just as with tarot cards, a wish kr・aft is meant to be a gift.


universal kit contents

✦ botanicals
✦ assorted crystal chips + pieces
✦ 3 beeswax candles
✦ slips of paper

ritual kit contents

✦ universal kit contents +
✦ 2 black ritual candles
✦ larger crystals


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a guide to the great cosmic trust